Review: Sinead O’Conner at St George’s Bristol

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Review: Sinead O’Conner at St George’s Bristol

Sinead O’Connor puts on a stellar performance at St George’s in Bristol

The first thing that struck me was the incredible venue, having never been before I was overawed by it’s beauty. This former church is a hidden gem tucked away on Brandon Hill. The main concert hall is laid out perfectly and feels both intimate and grand.

Support for the evening came in the form of Elizavita, a hugely talented singer/songwriter who has an incredible, classically trained operatic voice. She blends this with pop to create a truly unique and spellbinding performance.

There was a relaxed atmosphere in the sold-out St George’s as the seats began to fill in anticipation of Sinead’s performance. Sinead O’Connor enters the stage and beams a smile to the audience before opening with ‘The Healing Room‘ from the 2000 album ‘Faith & Courage’. I was immediately struck by the clarity of the acoustics in this concert hall. Sinead’s powerful yet effortless voice fills the room.

Sinead breaks to thank everyone for coming to see her. The tabloid headlines and criticism that she has received for her personal life are in stark contrast to the charming and funny woman that I witnessed.

The setlist continues with a mixture of songs from the 2012 album ‘How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?‘ and her older material. A personal favourite from the latest album was ‘4th and Vine‘ an acoustic upbeat song about the excitement surrounding new love and marriage. This is seemingly a subject close to Sinead who is now on her fourth marriage. Sinead jokes that this song was written about a former partner who had brown eyes and how she would now have to rewrite the lyrics.

‘Queen of Denmark’ had people standing on their seats and dancing in the aisles. The eclectic mix of musical styles has attracted a varied following for Sinead with people from all ages and demographics.

As Sinead performed Prince’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ the entire hall is mesmerised. It is clear to see why it has been her biggest success. If performances like this are anything to go by then Sinead could easily enjoy another 20 successful years.

The Setlist:

  1. The Healing Room
  2. I Had a Baby
  3. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  4. Never Get Old
  5. No Man’s Woman
  6. Jealous
  7. The Wolf Is Getting Married
  8. Old Lady
  9. Reason With Me
  10. I Am Stretched on Your Grave
  11. Three Babies
  12. 4th and Vine
  13. The Lamb’s Book of Life
  14. Nothing Compares 2 U
  15. The Last Day of Our Acquaintance


  1. Take Off Your Shoes
  2. Jackie
  3. Queen of Denmark
  4. 33
  5. Before We End Our Day

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