Review: Katy B – Bristol’s O2 Academy

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Review: Katy B – Bristol’s O2 Academy

Katy B performed on Saturday night to a sold out O2 Academy in Bristol. Helping to warm up proceedings was support in the form of Zinc, DJ Roska, Jamie George and P Money.

As the lights rose for Katy B’s performance the crowd were chanting her name and the atmosphere was charged. The band members, including two backing singers and a horn section walked out onto the stage shortly followed by Katy B, who burst straight into ‘Broken Record’ from her debut album ‘On A Mission‘. Katy continued to bounce around the stage throughout her whole performance and her boundless energy and enthusiastic performace was infectious as the crowd sang and danced to every song.

Katy connected with the Bristol crowd and has a special place in her heart for our great city, saying “If I was going to live anywhere else it would be Bristol”.

Katy’s incredible vocals and songwriting talent has attracted a broad fanbase which was evident as the venue was packed with people of all ages. Mid way through her set she asked “who here was born before 1990″, hands were reluctantly raised in the audience, including ours. “You might recognise this next song” she continued as she broke into the 1988 house classic ‘Good Life‘ originally released by Inner City. This was immediately followed by 1993 dance classic ‘Show Me Love‘.

T-shirts and signed lanyards were thrown into the crowd and people surged forward to try and catch the merchandise as it was flying through the air towards them. This is one of the many things that sets Katy apart from her peers, she cares about her fans and seems grateful for their loyal support. She spent time doing signings after the show rather than rushing back to the comfort of her tour bus.

Katy’s set continued and in what felt like no time at all Katy was performing her 2010 hit ‘Katy On A Mission‘ which was a number one in the dance charts, and for very good reason. There wasn’t a single person in the crowd not dancing and jumping up and down. Katy then closed the evening with her second single ‘Lights On‘. She asked the audience to get out their phones and turn on any lights which resulted in a sea of lights being waved back and forth. This was a perfect end to a perfect night and everybody left with big smiles on their faces, including us.

We can’t wait to see what Katy B has lined up for the future and we can’t wait to welcome her back to Bristol as soon as possible.

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