Vu Music Pick: Pearl Jem @ O2 Academy, Bristol

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Vu Music Pick: Pearl Jem @ O2 Academy, Bristol

Wednesday 7th September 2011, 7:00pm

To mark the occasion of the 20th Birthday, on August 27th this year, of Pearl Jam’s debut album ‘Ten’, Irish based tribute, Pearl Jem are presenting a 20th Anniversary Tour which will see the guys perform the album in it’s entirety from start to finish as the opening part of their show. To compliment this then a selection of tracks taken from every album in the Pearl Jam back catalogue, including the most recent offering Backspacer, will make up the rest of the show.

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Since it’s 1991 release, Pearl Jam have gone on to sell in excess of a staggering 100 million albums worldwide and secured a place in the hearts and minds of people globally. The music of Pearl Jam has, by now, shaped and inspired a whole generation and this is something which Pearl Jem does not take for granted as a great attention to detail has been given to this show. The sense of honesty in the interpretation of the music creates an insatiable atmosphere both onstage and throughout the expectant crowds.

Formed in 2006, Pearl Jem have gone from strength to strength enjoying much success touring. Capturing the raw energy, passion and emotion of the Seattle giants in their live performance. Gaining the hard-earned respect of even the most hardcore fan of the real thing, this highly acclaimed tribute are by now widely regarded as Europe’s No.1. Truly a must-see show for all Pearl Jam fans out there. Whether it’s the more melodic, chilled-out aspect of this 2 hour plus programme or the full-on guitar driven songs you desire, these lads have it covered.

Ten was released on 27th August 1991 through Epic Records. Following the disbanding of bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist  Stone Gossard’s previous group, ‘Mother Love Bone’, the two recruited vocalist Eddie Vedder, guitarist Mike McCready and drummer Dave Krusen, to form Pearl Jam in 1990. Most of the songs started out as instrumental pieces until Vedder added lyrics about such topics as depression, homelessness and abuse. One ‘Rolling Stone’ writer suggested at the time that Vedder.” provides Pearl Jam with such a uniquely compelling focus.”

This album had a most significant role in popularising Alternative Rock in to the mainstream domain. It remains the band’s most successful album to date. Peaking at No.2 in the Billboard 200 Chart with now over 10 million copies sold in the U.S. alone and is still selling today. By February 1993, American sales of ‘Ten’ surpassed those of Nevermind’ , the breakthrough album by fellow grunge band Nirvana.

‘Ten’ was met by rave reviews and rock journalists described the album as a… ”flawlessly crafted hard rock masterpiece” and as…”raucous modern rock, spiked with infectious guitar motifs and powered with driving bass and drums.”…..”from the gut vocals”. Producing three hit singles in mainstream and rock charts. ‘Alive’, ‘Even Flow’ and ‘Jeremy’ recieved many accolades and critical acclaim culminating in being awarded four MTV Music awards and two Grammy nominations in 1993

Ten was, indeed, a groundbreaking piece of work and lay the foundations for Pearl Jam to go on and release eight more studio alums to date bringing us right up to present day and securing Pearl Jam’s position in the annals of Rock Music History.

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