Interview with Kim Wilde

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Interview with Kim Wilde

Today it was Vu Guide’s complete honour to have some time to talk with the legend that is Kim Wilde about her latest album and upcoming tour.

5 Questions with Kim Wilde

Q: Kim your new Christmas album – Wilde Winter Songbook – came out on the 15th November, its a mix of 6 covers some classic and a couple of curve balls together with  6 original songs, have you got a favourite and is it an oldie or a newie?

A: All the older  tracks do hold fond memories from varies parts of  growing up but I have really enjoyed creating recording the new songs, I think especially Hey Mister Snowman which is a playful song inspired by the excitement of  the prospect of  a White Christmases and inspired by the melodies and harmonies of the Andrews Sisters.

Q: Your new tour Kim Wilde’s Christmas Party is just around the corner, its your first solo outing since 1986, do you have any Rock N Roll ryder requests such as a dressing room full of puppies or baths full Jack Daniels.

A: Unfortunately no I don’t really have any specific or outrageous requests but I am now feeling inspired to try for addressing room full of puppies which might be just the perfect calming factor I need to help with my pre stage nerves – Vu Guide would like to take this opportunity  to apologies to Kim’s management for any future requests for puppies in dressing rooms

Q: With your obvious love of the Christmas period I am expecting a family filled traditional Christmas lunch, so will it be Turkey or Goose and who does the cooking?

A: Usually we have it at home and my husband Hal, who is an excellent cook, does the cooking but this year for the first time in quite a few years we will be spending it at Mum and Dad’s, with Mum doing the cooking and Hal on hand as number one Sous Chef.

Q: There have been many covers of your iconic pop anthem Kids in America, personally is there anyone you would absolutely love to hear cover it

A: At the moment I think Miley Cyrus is my number one choice, with her attitude she could certainly do the song justice.

Q: And finally Kim, I keep in touch with my best friend pretty much everyday as we discuss the question  – what’s for tea?  So Kim what is for tea?

A: As it was my birthday yesterday and we all went out for a rather spectacular family dinner and also as its been a very busy day, unusually for us this evening dinner hasn’t been a top priority but with two teenagers and a friend wanting to be fed this evening, it will probably be a very quick and easy pasta dish.

So now you know!

Live, Kim brings her Christmas Party, with special guest Nik Kershaw, to Bristol’s O2 Academy on Wednesday 18th December

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The album ‘Wilde Winter Songbook’ is released on 2nd December via Wildeflower Records.  ‘Wilde Winter Songbook’ is part original songs / part classic Yuletide tunes with Kim’s own unique style stamped firmly upon them.  The album features several duets including ‘Winter Wonderland’ with Rick Astley, a new version of ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ (previously sung with Mel Smith) now with Nik Kershaw, ‘Burn Gold’ with her husband, actor Hal Fowler, and ‘White Winter Hymnal’ alongside father Marty Wilde and brother Ricky. Find out more at

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