Za Za Bazaar – UK’s Biggest Restaurant opens in Bristol

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Za Za Bazaar – UK’s Biggest Restaurant opens in Bristol


Bristol has been chosen as the first venue and home of a remarkable new restaurant brand, which is expected to be the next big (really big) thing for the UK’s restaurant sector. The Vu Guide team went along to the opening to the grand opening to check it out.

Having read the statistics and information for Za Za Bazaar over the past few months I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new restaurant. The first thing that strikes you is the impact that this restaurant has on the harbourside landscape. This once derelict building, formerly the home of Baja Bar has transformed the waterfront, breathing new life into the area.

As you walk upstairs into the main 700 seat restaurant the first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the dining area. The idea behind this new concept was to create a market eating experience. The design team have nailed this with the bright, neon lights and regional kitchens that run along the length of the building. The brilliant use of space means that diners are seated in different themed areas around the edge of the room. This makes the experience feel a lot more intimate than rows and rows of tables.

Za Za Bazaar really is a feast for all of the senses. It is hard not to be impressed with every element of this restaurant. It would have been easy for the owners to cut corners but it is evident that every part of this restaurant has been created with a real passion for food and customer experience.

Adventure and live cooking are at the heart of this restaurant, which offers cuisine from India, China, Japan, the Far East, South America and Europe against vivid backdrops, reflecting the cultures from which it originates. Graffiti artists from around the world have created a vivid array of authentic murals throughout the restaurant.

At each station the food is made to order in front of you and the choice of dishes is immense. From sushi to barbecued ribs,  freshly prepared prawns to a chocolate fountain, it is all executed perfectly. There is table service for drinks orders and the service is excellent.

A ‘Star Guest’ area offers cuisine from a country which changes each month. The current star guest is Japan which offers a wide array of Japanese cuisine.

This restaurant is ideal for large groups of people. The variety of food and drink on offer means that everyone is catered for. The pricing offers incredible value for money as you are able to sample whatever you like.


Mon-Fri £6.99
Sat-Sun £9.99

Mon-Thurs £12.99
Fri-Sat-Sun £15.99

I will be returning soon to do a detailed food review but in the meantime if you haven’t had a chance to visit Za Za Bazaar yet then I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Bookings can be made via the website.

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Executive Chef, Nitin Bhatnagar says: “We have researched the market and we are delighted to announce that when we open, we will be the UK’s largest restaurant, featuring the widest range of world cuisine from all the continents.

“But, what is important to us is not the size of the restaurant, but the quality, freshness and variety of the food that we will be serving.

“It is the personality, skill and individualism of our master chefs that will make Za Za Bazaar famous – as well as the scale and variety of this operation.”

Vital Statistics for Za Za Bazaar – the UK’s Biggest Restaurant

  • 130 new jobs in Bristol (1,000 new jobs across the UK over the next 18 months)
  • 36 chefs supported by 8 kitchen porters
  • 1,000 covers
  • Up to 2,100 people dining on a single night
  • A truck load of vegetables consumed every day
  • 1,300KG of rice consumed each week
  • 60KG of pasta consumed a day
  • 15KG of fresh ravioli prepared on the premises each day
  • 18KG of pizza flour used to make fresh pizzas every day on the premises
  • 4,000 bread rolls baked on the premises on a Saturday
  • 2,500 chickens consumed every four days
  • 1,000KG of beef consumed a week
  • 6 fridges – the biggest 400 sq ft

Za Za Bazaar in pictures

Restaurant Location

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