Halo Cooltouch – A new generation of barbeques has arrived

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Halo Cooltouch – A new generation of barbeques has arrived

For the first time safety, style and a concern for the environment have driven the creation of a barbeque. By genuinely placing family life at the top of its priorities, the Halo Cooltouch will re-define what you think a barbeque should be.

As the summer approaches you can be one of the first to own the coolest barbeque on the market. Not only does it look stunning, its patented triple-skin insulates the cooking area and in tests it retains an ambient temperature across the surface areas of the base and the lid. For those interested in saving energy it works. For those concerned about safety it offers reassurance. For those who just want a great looking barbeque it will not disappoint. Like so many defining ideas, the principles are simple and here they have been executed with matchless elegance.


Developed by one of Britain’s most talented designers, Halo Cooltouch has been tested extensively for safety and energy use. It is a compelling combination of hand-built craftsmanship and the latest in design technology. And what’s more, every element of it has been made in Britain.

The inventor and designer, John Tomalin-Reeves, encourages us to take a closer look.

‘Creating Halo products is about innovation. It is about finding elegant solutions for everyday problems and I hope what we do will improve the way we live. My ambition is that everyone who buys a Halo Cooltouch will never want to use another barbeque ever again.’

Halo Cooltouch represents the coming together of a great design, an innovative idea and a concern for being safe. The result is a barbeque that will bring you more enjoyment because it cooks more efficiently, it looks amazing and it operates more safely.


Behind Halo Cooltouch was the clear ambition to make family cooking a safer and more enjoyable experience. Now, following several years of research, the arrival of the Halo Cooltouch barbeque is the realisation of that ambition.

The Halo Cooltouch Classic is available to buy from the Halo Product website now.


The Classic available now for £495
Premium, Maglev and Lux available Summer 2013

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